3 Police Code

3 Code in Different Locations / Departments

GenericDispatch & Status CodesEmergency - Use lights and siren
AlaskaFire Emergency ServicesActual crash / emergency
ArizonaPima County Sheriff's CodesExpedite, Using Emer. Equip
ArizonaYavapai County Sheriff's CodesEmergency, Lights & Sirens
CaliforniaHumboldt County CodesEmergency - light & siren
CaliforniaLA County Sheriff's CodesEmergency, Use Red Lights & Sirens
CaliforniaLong Beach Police DepartmentEmergency, use red lights & siren
CaliforniaOrange County CodesEmergency, Use Red Lights and Siren
CaliforniaSan Francisco Police DepartmentEMERGECNY Use Red Light/Siren
CaliforniaSan Mateo County CodesEmergency-Use Red Light/Siren
ColoradoArapahoe County CodesEmergency (red light & siren)
ColoradoBoulder City & County CodesClear channel for all incident traf
ColoradoDenver City & County Police CodesStop transmitting on channel (channel traffic is restricted to ONE incident)
ColoradoPublo Police CodesEmergency-Use Lights & Siren
ConnecticutBranford City CodesAbandoned Motor Vehicle
ConnecticutFarmington Police CodesA. Evading Responsibility ** B. Operator Under Influence **
ConnecticutHeublein Security CodesBase Station.........................Security Base
ConnecticutStamford City CodesEmergency (light/siren)
ConnecticutStratford City CodesRespond Immediately- Proceed Silently, Crime In Progress
ConnecticutUniversity of Connecticut Health CenterRespond Immediately, Lights & Siren, Exercise Caution
ConnecticutWest Haven Police CodesDistrubance In Progress
FloridaPalm Beach County CodesLights & Siren Authorized
GeorgiaCobb County CodesRoutine Response
GeorgiaColumbia County CodesResidential (Time Unknown) / ROBBERY / Natural / Spouse / Gas/Service Station / Spouse / Marijuana/Hashish / Poison/Overdose / Dear Collision Accident
GeorgiaDeKalb County CodesAlarm (state type)
GeorgiaDeKalb County CodesInformation Not Available
GeorgiaMacon CodesStreet Blocked
GeorgiaSavannah CodesSubjects Have Left Scene
GeorgiaSavannah CodesNo Action Taken
HawaiiHonolulu Police CodesInvestigation (facts known)
IdahoAction CodesFIR Card Made
IllinoisDupage County Police CodesFull emergency response
IllinoisDupage County Police CodesOfficer needs assistance
IllinoisElgin City Police CodesInves. shooting/stabbing
IndianaIndiana State Police CodesCall State Police Radio
IndianaMarion Police Department SignalsHold all but emergency traffic
IndianaMedical Transportation ServiceFull emergency/lights & siren
KansasWichita CodesSmoke and flames
KentuckyAnderson County CodesAny Message for This Unit
KentuckyJefferson County Police CodesEmergency-Blue Light & Siren
KentuckyKentucky State Police CodesAny Traffic for This Unit?
MassachusettsBoston Police CodesPerson Calling for Help
MassachusettsBrockton Police CodesAccident A: M/V B: Pedestrain C: IND
MassachusettsMassachusettes Highways CodesRequest Report On Your Signal Strength and Readability
MassachusettsOrange County CodesPhone (person) At Location
MassachusettsTen Series for Cruiser ResponseReport To Be Filed (A) NO Report Needed
MichiganAnn Arbor CodesNo Siren or Flashers
MichiganKalamzoo County CodesEmergency Response(use lights/siren)
MichiganMichigan Weather SignalsSevere Thunderstorm Watch
MichiganPriority Codes for StateFast, With Lights & Siren
MichiganWayne County Fire CodesCan Be Controlled By Responding Units, No Evacuation
MichiganWayne County Sheriff's CodesL.E.I.N. or Records Hold A Traffic Warrant
MinnesotaCounty Clearing CodesMV Accident-Report To Follow
MinnesotaRamsey County Sheriff's CodesMotor Vehicle Accident Report To Follow
MississippiMississippi Highway Patrol CodesEmergency Traffic Pertaining To Involvement of Law Enforcement Officers (shootings, etc.)
NebraskaNebraska State Police CodesMisdameanor Warrant On File (traffic/criminal)
NebraskaOmaha Police CodesMisdemeanor Warrant On File (traffic or criminal)
NebraskaOmaha Police CodesMade Citation-Criminal / Made Citation-Traffic
NevadaNevada State Police CodesRespond With Red Lights and Siren
New HampshireNew Hampshire Highway Patrol CodesExpidite … Emergency With Lights & Siren
New JerseyAtlantic City Police CodesOther-3rd Priority / On Air/In Service
New JerseyParamus Police CodesFire Company #3 / Sexual assault
New YorkNassau County Fire SignalsUnit Involved In Accident-Person Injured
New YorkNew York State Police CodesProceed At Slightly Above The Speed Limit W/Warning Lights
New YorkNew York State Police CodesMedical Attention Needed, / Ambulance
New YorkOneida County CodesContact Undersheriff
New YorkSuffolk County Fire CodesAdditional Help Needed From Own Department (specify)
New YorkTonawanda Police CodesNormal traffic response
North CarolinaGreensboro Police CodesResidence of Handicapped Person
OhioCanton Police Department CodesEmergency Light / Siren
OhioCincinnati P&G Ivroydale Plant CodesContact P&g Pinkerton Liason
OhioFairborn Police Department CodesHot Response … Lights / Siren
OhioFindlay Police CodesReport To Headquarters
OhioHancock County Sheriff's CodesOut of Service - On Call
OhioLowellville Police CodesShooting or Cutting
OhioLowellville Police CodesOccured Some Time Ago
OhioMiddletown Fire DepartmentSend Another Co. & Call Chief
OhioPutnam County CodesContact Chief Deputy
OhioScioto County Ambulance CodesAccident / Pers. Injury
OhioSoutheastern Ohio Emergency ServicesRoutine Run … No Lights & Siren
OhioTroy Police Department CodesNo Transmission If Not Emer
OhioYoungstown Police CodesShooting / Cutting
OregonOregon State Police CodesUrgent-Use Siren & Flashers
OregonSalem Police & Fire CodesEmergency response requested
South CarolinaAiken County Emergency & Rescue CodesEMERGENCY Response To or The Transportation of Patients With Life Threatening Conditions
South CarolinaColumbia Fire SignalsMajor Fire, More Equipment Needed As Requested
South CarolinaSpartanburg County Emergency & Rescue CodesEmergency response … lights and siren
TennesseeMetro Nashville Police DepartmentConfidential radio Transmission
TennesseeTennessee State Police CodesChange Channel, Traffic From …
TexasDallas Police CodesEmergency Assignment … Use Red Lights & Siren
TexasEl Paso Police DepartmentFast, sale, all emergency equipment (lights & siren)
UtahArlington Police CodesAccident (minor/delayed)

Other Basic Codes