Police Radio Codes

Popular Basic Codes

3Emergency - Use lights and siren
4No further assistance needed
8Fire alarm / Restroom break
11SWAT Call up
20Auto accident
30Officer needs emergency assistance
33Clear radio channel - emergency traffic only
211Armed Robbery
420Domestic Violence - Fight
5150Mentally disturbed person

Popular Ten Codes

10-4Acknowledgment (OK) / Message received
10-7Out of Service
10-8In Service
10-13Weather-Road Report
10-15Civil Disturbance
10-23Arrived at Scene
10-41Beginning Tour of Duty
10-42Ending Tour of Duty
10-55Intoxicated Driver
10-56Intoxicated Pedestrian
10-63Prepare Make Written Copy
10-79Notify Coroner
10-95Prisoner / Subject in Custody
10-96Mental Subject
10-100Misdemeanor warrant / Out using restroom

Popular Eleven Codes

11-11Pick Up or Check
11-16Trespass Dump/Theft
11-24Abandoned vehicle
11-41Ambulance needed
11-44Possible fatality / coroner required
11-46Death report
11-98Meet …
11-99Officer needs help!