Delaware Police Radio Codes


Delaware State Police Codes

10-1Situation under control
10-2Arriving at scene
10-3Go ahead with message
10-4OK, Received message
10-7Out of service
10-8In service
10-9Repeat message
10-10Accident, PI, PD, H&R
10-112nd Fire alarm received
10-12Request assistance at HQ or fire station
10-13Weather and road conditions
10-14Convoy or escort
10-15Prisoner in custody
10-16Pick up prisoner at …
10-17Meal stop or send coffee & sandwiches to scene
10-18Clear assignment ASAP
10-19Return to …
10-21Contact by telephone
10-23Direct traffic at …
10-24Send assistance to scene
10-24aAssist … at …
10-26Advise operator's # of …
10-26aRecord of traffic violations
10-26bRecord of criminal violation
10-27Notify appropriate police agency
10-28Registration information
10-29Check for wanted
10-29nNegative on wanted
10-29pPositive on wanted
10-30Does not conform to rules & regulations
10-31Meet complainant at …
10-32Complaint to be suffixed alphabetically
10-33Parking violation
10-33aDisabled vehicle (location)
10-34Prepare to make copy
10-35Confidential information
10-36Time check
10-37Advise if court is open
10-38nMagistrate not available
10-39Use caution
10-40Officer in trouble
10-41Checking MV or pedestrian at location
10-42Clear on check
10-42cpcCrime prevention check
10-43Wrecker needed
10-44Ambulance needed
10-45Rescue equipment needed
10-46Fire apparatus needed for washdown
10-47Dispatch tank truck
10-48Alarm at location
10-49Civil disturbance - Police
10-50Contact medical examiner
10-51Notify fire marshall
10-52Permission to leave sector
10-53Obstruction in roadway
10-54Road blocked or closed at …
10-55Pick up …
10-56School crossing assignment
10-57Bomb threat
10-58Traffic light not functioning
10-59Release standby personnel
10-60Contact C.I. division
10-61Property check
10-62Clear on property check
10-63Advise where … can be contacted
10-64Special unit operating in area
10-65Attempting warrant at …
10-66Radio tower lights checked
10-67Permission to transmit car to car
10-68Meet officer … at …
10-69Enroute to …
10-70Report to …
10-71Alert for major emergency
10-72Mobilize for major emergency
10-73Report to marshalling area
10-74Supplement committed personnel and equipment
10-75Activate scrambler
10-75aDeactivate scrambler
10-76911 hang up
10-77Radio restriction
10-78Radio restriction lifted
10-79Routine non-emergency transport
10-80Spinal injury
10-81Mental patient
10-82Communicable disease
10-83Head, face & neck injury
10-87Police action (caution)
10-90Possible cardiac arrest (external heart massage)
10-92Possible internal injury
10-93Fractured limb
10-95Emergency maternity
10-96Have oxygen ready
10-97Severe bleeding
10-98Stroke victim
10-99Heart attack
10-100Clear the air - emergency msg

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