10-45 Police Code

10-45 Code in Different Locations / Departments

GenericTen CodesAnimal Carcass at …
APCOTen CodesBomb Threat
ArizonaMesa Police DepartmentMeet With … At …
ArkansasArkansas State Police CodesAll days off cancelled Remain in contact with sta. at all times by radio or public service
ConnecticutEast Windsor CodesInfo (weather, etc.)
FloridaSaint John's County CodesCall … by phone at …
FloridaTampa Police DepartmentReports/papers/messages
GeorgiaColumbia County CodesContact Duty Investigator
GeorgiaGeorgia Public Safety CodesHold Evidence - GBI En Route
GeorgiaGeorgia State Police CodesHold Evidence, GBI Enroute
IndianaIndiana State Police CodesAnimal Carcass In Road
IndianaNew Castle / Henry County CodesAnimal carcass in lane at …
KansasJohnson County Sheriff's DepartmentInvestigate vehicle & occupants
KansasKansas City Police DepartmentInvestigate occupants of vehicle
KansasKansas Highway Patrol CodesInvestigate veh. & occupant
KansasWichita CodesInvestigate occupied vehicle
KansasWyandotte County Sheriff's DepartmentInvestigate occupants of vehicle
KentuckyFt. Knox Military Police CodesTraffic Accident Without Injuries
KentuckyJefferson County Police CodesRelease A Car At … / Release Vehicle
KentuckyKentucky State Police CodesProperty Damage Accident
IowaIowa State Police CodesAnimal Carcass In Lane
MassachusettsBoston Metro Police CodesFatality/Injuries Code 1 Fatality Code 2 Serious Injury Code 3 Minor Injury
MississippiBiloxi Police CodesAll units received message
MississippiHancock County Police CodesAll Units Returning to Coun
NebraskaNebraska State Police CodesAccident (place) Personal injury (if hit & run, state)
NevadaNevada State Police CodesAnimal Carcass At …
New HampshireLaconia Police CodesCall This Headquarters
North CarolinaNorth Carolina State Police CodesAnimal Carcass In … Lane At …
OhioMansfield Police Department CodesSuspicious Person / Vehicle
OhioOhio State Police CodesAnimal Carcass in Road
TennesseeTennessee State Police CodesAuto Wreck … Property Damage
VirginiaVirginia State Police CodesStopping Suspicious Vehicle
WisconsinWisconsin State Police CodesAnimal Carcass In … Lane …

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