South Dakota Police Radio Codes


South Dakota State Police Codes

Dispatch Signals

1Accident At … (personal injury)
2Accident At … (Property Damage)
3Burglary At …
4Complainant At …
5Disturbance At …
6Drowning At …
7Drunk At …
8Drunk Driver
9Felony At …
10Fight At …
11Fire At …
12Hit & Run At …
13Jail Break At …
14Larceny At …
15Murder At …
16No Account Check At …
17Robbery At …
18Speeder At …
19Stolen Car At …
20Suicide At …
21Suspicious Person At …
21bSuspect At …
22Contact Officer At …
23Contact Police Department At …
24Contact Sheriff At …
25Contact This Office By Landline
26Contact This Station for Coded Message
27Contact The Hospital for …
28Contact for Location of …
29Check for Compensation
30Check for Driver's License
31Check for Car Registration
32Check for Ton Mileage
33Check for Signal Number
34Check for Livestock Transport Permit
35Check for Connection W/Case Number
36Check for Record of …
37Check for Subversive Activities
38Make Investigation At …
39Pick Up Officer At …
40Assist The Officer At …
41Officer On The Street, Use Lights
42Make Entry or Apprehend Only When Unit … Arrives
43Proceed To Road Number …
44Direct Emergency Traffic Through Intersections At …
45Stop All Cars Coming From The …
46Airplane Needed
47Airplane Now Assisting
48Take or Bring Subject To …
49Do Not Shoot
50Make Immediate Contact, Reference Case Number …
51This Is A Civil Defense Test
52This Is A Real Civil Defense Alarm
53Your Last Transmission Was 10-30
54Information About This Case Will Only Be Released By D.C.I
55What Date Was Last Frequency Test Your Station?
56Is Your Station Log In Order for FCC Inspection?
57Follow Subject Until Help Arrives
58Check for License
AUse Caution
BUse Extreme Caution (subject)
CSubject At The Scene
DTime Factor Very Important

Ten Codes

10-3E.T.A Landline Residence
10-10Out of Service, Subject To Call
10-11Dispatching Too Fast
10-12Visitor Present
10-14Convoy or Escort
10-15Prisoner In Custody
10-16NCIC Check
10-17Pick Up Papers At …
10-18Urgent; Rush
10-19Return To Station
10-21Call This Station By Tele
10-22Take No Further Action
10-23Stand By Until Interference Clears
10-24Make Personal Contact (time) and (place)
10-25Do You Have Contact With … ?
10-26Make Contact By Radio/Tele
10-27Any Answer Our Message?
10-30Does Not Conform To Rules & Regulations
10-31Send Wrecker To …
10-32Send Ambulance To …
10-33Emergency Traffic
10-34Is Your Station Clear for Traffic?
10-35Confidential Information
10-37Who Is Operator On Duty?
10-38Information Is Needed At Once
10-39Your Message Delivered
10-40Clear for Local Dispatch
10-41Permission Granted for 10-40
10-42Officer Now At His Residence
10-44Out of Car At … With …
10-45Patrol With Two Officers
10-46Personal Injury Accident At …
10-47Property Damage At …
10-50Use Caution
10-51Driving While Intoxicated
10-54Send Backup Units
10-55Change To Second Frequency
10-56Set Up Roadblocks At Once
10-57Disregard Further Action On Roadblocks
10-58Check for Driver's License & Record
10-59Check for Valid Driver's License
10-60Next Case Number, Specify City, State or Foreign
10-61Next Item Number
10-62Have You Completed Traffic/Is The Air Clear?
10-65Clear for Case or Message
10-66Clear for Cancellation
10-68Repeat Dispatch
10-70Is There Traffic for This Unit or Station?
10-71Salary Checks Out
10-72Expense Checks Out
10-73Out of Gas At …
10-75Stolen Car
10-78For Your Information
10-80Any Narcotics Information
10-82Request for Room Reservations, With Bath, E.T.A
10-88What Number Shall I Call To Make Contact With … ?
10-89Unit Is Off The Air, Needs Service
10-90Civil Disturbance
10-91Too Weak, Talk Closer To Micro
10-92Too Loud, Talk Further To Micro
10-94Test With No Modulation
10-95Test With Modulation
10-97Arrived At Scene
10-98Assignment Completed
10-99Emergency, All Units Respond
10-100Out of Service; Rest Room

Map of South Dakota

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