Iowa Police Radio Codes


Iowa State Police Codes

10-1Unable To Copy
10-2Signals Good
10-3Stop Transmitting
10-6Busy-Stand By Unless Urgent
10-7Out of Service (give location and/or telephone number)
10-8In Service
10-10Fight In Progress
10-11Dog Case
10-12Stand By (stop)
10-13Weather & Road Report
10-14Report To Prowler
10-15Civil Disturbance
10-16Domestic Trouble
10-17Meet Complainant
10-18Complete Assignment
10-19Return To …
10-21Call … By Telephone
10-23Arrived At Scene
10-24Assignment Completed
10-25Report In Person To (meet) …
10-26Detaining Subject, Expedite
10-27Drivers License Information 1 … To Check for Valid License 2 … To Check for Previous O.M.V.U.I Convictions 3 … To Check for Age or Description or Serial Number, Etc. 4 … To Check Complete Driving Report
10-28Vehicle Registration Info
10-29Check Records for Wanted
10-30Illegal Use of Records
10-31Crime In Progress
10-32Man With Gun
10-35Major Crime Alert
10-36Correct Time
10-37Investigate Suspicious Vehicle
10-38Stopping Suspicious Vehicle (give us complete description)
10-39Urgent … Use Lights & Siren
10-40Silent Run-No Lights or Siren
10-41Beginning Tour of Duty
10-44Request Permission To Leave Patrol … for …
10-45Animal Carcass In Lane
10-46Assist Motorist
10-47Emergency Road Repair Needed
10-48Traffic Standard Needs Repair
10-49Traffic Lights Out
10-50Accident … F,PI,PD
10-51Wrecker Needed
10-52Ambulance Needed
10-53Road Blocked
10-54Livestock On Highway
10-55Intoxicated Driver
10-56Intoxicated Pedestrian
10-57Hit & Run … F,PI,PD
10-58Direct Traffic
10-59Convoy or Escort
10-60Squad In Vicinity
10-61Personnel In Area
10-62Reply To Message
10-63Prepare To Make Written Copy
10-64Message for Local Delivery
10-65Net Message Assignment
10-66Message Cancellation
10-67Clear To Read Net Message
10-68Dispatch Information
10-69Message Received
10-70Fire Alarm
10-71Advise Nature of Fire (size,type, & contents of building)
10-72Report Progress On Fire
10-73Smoke Report
10-75In Contact With
10-76In Route
10-77ETA (estimate time of arrival)
10-78Needed Assistance
10-82Reserve Lodging
10-84If Meeting … Advise ETA
10-85Will Be Late
10-87Pick Up Checks for Distribution
10-88Advise Present Telephone of …
10-90Bank Alarm
10-91Unnecessary Use of Radio
10-94Drag Racing
10-96Mental Subject
10-98Prison or Jail Break
10-99Records Indicate Wanted or Stolen

Ames Police / Story County Sheriff's Codes

10-200Drug Case

Map of Iowa

Police Codes in other US States