10-2 Police Code

10-2 Code in Different Locations / Departments

GenericTen CodesSignal Good
APCOTen CodesSignal Good
AlabamaAlabama Public SafetyAmb. Clearance - Out of Town
ConnecticutMilford City CodesHeavy Smoke Showning
HawaiiHonolulu Police CodesCall by the land line
LouisianaNew Orleans Fire Department CodesCall By Phone (specify whom)
MassachusettsBrockton County CodesSubject Under Surveillance
MississippiBiloxi Police CodesReceiving well - signal good
New YorkAmherst Police Radio CodesOfficer needs assistance
New YorkFort Drumm Military PoliceEmergency Request for Assist
New YorkNew York State Police CodesGood Signal / Ambulance Wanted At …
OhioCanton Fire Department Ten CodesAlarm Answered, Unit Enroute
OhioHilliard Police CodesSituation Contained
OhioJefferson County 911 CodesEnroute To The Scene
OntarioLethbridge Police CodesReceiving loud & clear

Other Ten Codes