Alabama Police Radio Codes


Alabama State Police Codes

10-0Use caution. Details not known
10-00Given as "double zero". Office needs all possible assistance
10-1Unable to copy - charge location
10-2Signal good
10-3Stop transmitting
10-4Acknowledgment (OK)
10-5Relay. (J1 - Personnel; J2 - Property; J3 - Prisoner; J4 - Papers)
10-6Busy - unless urgent
10-7Out of service. Not subject to call
10-8In service
10-10Out of service. Subject to call
10-11Remain in service
10-12Stand by (Stop). Remain alert for further details
10-13Weather and road conditions
10-14Correct time
10-15Have in possesion; (J1 - papers; J2 - Property; J3 - Prisoner; J4 - Papers)
10-16Pick up: (J1 - Personnel; J2 - Property; J3 - Prisoner; J4 - Papers)
10-17Urgent. Rush present detail
10-18Any traffic for this unit or station?
10-19No traffic for your unit or station
10-21Call. . . . . by telephone
10-22Report in person to . .
10-23Arrived at scene
10-24Assignment completed
10-25Disregard last information or assignment
10-26Detaining person or vehicle. Expedite
10-27Drivers license information
10-28Vehicle registration information
10-29Check for wanted
10-30Illegal use of radio
10-31Hit and run. (J1 - personnel; J2 - Property)
10-32Man with gun
10-33EMERGENCY. Maxumum priority. All units and Stations not involved - maintain radio silence
10-34Tower lights
10-35Major crime alert
10-36Urgent. Use light and siren
10-37Urgent. Silent run
10-38Investigate suspicious vehicle. (J1 - Occupied; J2 - Unoccupied)
10-39Stopping suspicious vehicle. Give all information before stopping
10-40Stolen vehicle
10-41Beginning tour of duty
10-42Ending tour of duty
10-43Complete present assignment quickly
10-44Permission to leave assigned patrol area
10-45Off day
10-46Assist motorist
10-47Emergency road repairs needed
10-48Need assistance. Not 00 or 10-33
10-49Traffic light out . .
10-50Accident (F- Fatal; PI - Personal injury; PD - Property damage; S- State veh.)
10-51Wrecker needed
10-52Ambulance needed
10-53Road blocked
10-54Livestock on highway. (J1 - live stock; J2 - carcass)
10-55Intoxicated driver
10-56Intoxicated pedestrian
10-57Crime in progress
10-58Direct traffic
10-59Convoy or escort
10-60Attempt to contact
10-61Return to . .
10-62Reply to message
10-63Prepare to make written copy
10-64Message for local delivery
10-65Radio log number
10-66Message, dispatch, or assignment cancellation
10-67Prowler report
10-68Dispatch information
10-69Car to car clearance
10-70Fire alarm. (F - forest; H - house; V - Vehicle)
10-71Report progress on fire
10-72Meet complainant
10-73Supervisor needed
10-74Intoximeter operator needed
10-75Photographer needed
10-76Investigator needed
10-77Narcotics agent needed
10-78Notify coroner
10-79In contact with
10-80D.C.G. (disaster control group) (ope. con. 1; op. con. 2; op. con. 3)
10-81Squad in vicinity
10-82Reserve lodging
10-83Cancel reservations
10-84En route
10-85Will be late
10-86Missing person
10-87E.T.A. (estimated time of arrival)
10-88Present telephone number of . .
10-89Dead person
10-90Bank alarm
10-91Unnecessary use of radio
10-93Blockade. (road block)
10-94Drag racing
10-95Reckless driving
10-96Mental person
10-97Civil distrubance; (A - Racial; B - Teenagers; C - Crowd gathering; D - Fighting)
10-98Prison or jail break
10-99Records indicate wanted or stolen (A - felony; B - Misdemeanor)
10-100Hot pursuit
10-101Attempting to out run patrol car

Alabama Public Safety

10-1Ambulance Clearance Local
10-2Amb. Clearance - Out of Town
10-8In service
10-10Out of Service Subject to call
10-12Recall Check
10-15Have Prisoner in Vehicle
10-16Wagon Needed
10-18Any Message for this unit
10-21Call for Number / Call..By telephone
10-21hCall Home
10-21wCall Wife
10-22Report in Person to
10-23Arrived at Scene
10-24Situation Under Control
10-27See a Party
10-28Vehicle Registration Information
10-29Check for Wanted
10-35Major Crime or Incident Alert
10-41Beginning Tour of Duty
10-42End of Shift
10-44Leave Assign
10-48Tow Truck Needed
10-51Meet Officer- Official Business
10-52Wrecker Needed
10-54Ambulance Needed
10-59Dead Animal
10-60Blood Run
10-61Return to
10-68Information needed other than Wanted
10-72Supervisor Needed for Reports
10-73Supervisor Needed for other
10-74Intoximeter Op Needed
10-75Evidence Tech Needed
10-76Need Investigator
10-78Coroner Needed
10-87E T A
10-100Hot Pursuit/Chase
14Robbery Alarm, Local
15Robbery Alarm, Recorded
16Robbery in Progress, Business
17Robbery in Progress, Person
18Robbery not in Progress, Business
19Robbery not in Progress, Person
20Larceny from Business(Till-Tap)
21Larceny from Business(Shoplifing)
22Larceny from Business(Other)
23Larceny from Vehicle
24Larceny from Residence
25Larceny from Person
26Larceny of Bicycle
27Purse Snatching
28Theft of Vehicle in Progress
29Theft of Vehicle, Take Report
30Stolen Bicycle Located, take Report
31Suspicious Vehicle
32Abandoned Vehicle
33Malicious Mischief
34Gambling Complaint
35Liquar Violation Complaint
37Worthless Document(Currency/Bad ck)
38Prostitution Complaint
39Trouble at City Jail
40Traffic Accident, Public Street
41Traffic Accident, Private Property
42Hit and Run(Public Street Only)
43Pedestrian Struck
44Driving While Intoxicated(DUI)
45Investigate Reckless Driving
46Parking Violation, Public Street
47Parking Violation, Private Property
48Direct traffic
49Escort, Military, VIP, etc
50Emergency Escort
51Miscellaneous Traffic Violation
52Hazardous Road Conditions
53Assist Citizen
54Routine Traffic Stop
55Animal Nuisance
56Disturbance(Loud Music, ect.)
57Dangerous Animal
58Injured Animal
59Pollution Complaint
60Homicide- All Types
61Personal Assault
63Deceased Person
65Domestic Disturbance(Family)
66Person With a Gun
67Disorderly Person(s)
68Suspicious Person(s)
69Mentally Person(s)
70Person Down
71Missing Person
74Airport Emergency
74aAirplane Crash
74bAirplane Hijack
75Unclassified Emergency
76Bomb, Explosive,Threat
77Bomb, Explosive,Located
78Desk Assignment
79Unclassified Complaint
A-alphaAssisted Citizen
E-echoDirected Traffic
F-foxtrotCity Shop, Repairs
G-golfIssued Traffic Citation
J-juiletteOut of City
K-kiloWreck, Less than $50.00
N-novemberUnable to Locate Complainant

Birmingham Police Department

01A D T Burglar Alarm
02Burglar Alarm; Local
03Burglary in Progress, Business
04Burglary in Progress, Residence
05Burglary in Progress, Any Vehicle
06Burglary in Progress,Vending Machine
07Burglary of Business
08Burglary of Residence
09Burglary of Vehicle(Personal/Business)
10Burglary of Interstate Vehicle
11Burglary of Interstate Vehicle
12Burglary of Vending Machine

Map of Alabama

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