10-15 Police Code

10-15 Code in Different Locations / Departments

GenericTen CodesCivil Disturbance
APCOTen CodesMessage Delivered
AlabamaAlabama Public SafetyHave Prisoner in Vehicle
AlabamaAlabama State Police CodesHave in possesion; (J1 - papers; J2 - Property; J3 - Prisoner; J4 - Papers)
ArizonaPhonrex Fire DepartmentRequest Police for Traffic
ArizonaTuscon Police DepartmentHave Prisoner in Custody
ArkansasArkansas State Police CodesWe have prisoner in custody
CaliforniaSan Mateo County CodesHave Prisoner in Custody
ConnecticutDepartment of Transportation CodesSign Off The Air-Give Location and Length of Time Off The Air
ConnecticutWilton Police CodesIntoxicated Operator
FloridaOkaloosa County CodesPrisoner in Custody
FloridaPalmetto City CodesPrisoneer in Custody
FloridaTampa Police DepartmentViolator/prisioner in custody
GeorgiaCobb County CodesPrisoner In Custody
GeorgiaDeKalb County CodesPrisoner In Custody
KansasKansas City Police DepartmentHave prisoner in custody
KansasKansas Highway Patrol CodesHave prisoner in custody
KansasLenexa Police CodesWe have prisoner in custody
KansasWichita CodesPrisoner in custody
KentuckyJefferson County Police CodesSubject Under Arrest / Prisoner In Custody
KentuckyPaducah Police CodesPrisoner in custody
MaineMaine State Police CodesHave subject in vehicle
MarylandMontgomery County Police CodesTransportation Prisoner In Custody Code …
MarylandNational Capital Park Police CodesTransporting prisoner in custody (add activity code)
MassachusettsDepartment of Environmental Management CodesHave In Possession: J1-Property J2-Papers J3-Violators J4-Personnel
MichiganAnn Arbor CodesRequest Cover Unit
MichiganBerrin County Ambulance ServicesSt Joseph Hospital, South Bend
MichiganMichigan Fire CodesPrisoner In Custody
MississippiBiloxi Police CodesHave prisoner in custody
MississippiMississippi Highway Patrol CodesHave In Possession J1 … Personnel J2 … Property J3 … Prisoner J4 … Papers
MissouriMissouri Highway Patrol Ten CodesHave J1 Personne J2 Propert J3 Prisoner
MontanaMontana Highway Patrol Ten CodesWe have prisoner in custody
NebraskaNebraska State Police CodesHave Prisoner In Custody
NevadaNevada Highway Patrol CodesHave In Possession: J1 Personnel J2 Property J3 Prisoner J4 Papers
New YorkNew York State Police CodesLicense plate check. Verify if stolen - occupied or not
New YorkNew York State Police CodesCivil Disturbance / Official Visitor Present
OhioLancaster Police CodesAt Your Convenience
OhioWarren Police SignalsPrisoner in Custody
TexasHouston Police CodesMessage Delivered
TexasSherman Police CodesCivil disturbance
VirginiaNorfolk Ten CodesPrisoner In Custody
AlbertaEdmonton Fire Department CodesAll units return to station
OntarioHalton Regional Police CodesSuspicious person or vehicle

Other Ten Codes