North Dakota Police Radio Codes


North Dakota State Police Codes

10-1Unable to copy, change loc
10-2Signals good
10-3Stop transmitting
10-6Busy, stand-by unless urgent
10-7Out of service
10-8In service
10-10Fight in progress
10-11Dog case
10-12Stand-by (Stop)
10-13Weather & road report
10-14Report of prowler
10-15Civil disturbance
10-16Domestic trouble
10-17Meet complainant
10-18Complete assignment quickly
10-19Return to: …
10-21Call … by telephone
10-23Arrived at scene
10-24Assignment completed
10-25Report in person to (meet)
10-26Detaining subject, expedite
10-27Drivers license information
10-28Vehicle registration info
10-29Check records for wanted
10-30Illegal use of radio
10-31Crime in progress
10-32Man with gun
10-35Major crime alert
10-36Correct time
10-37Investigate suspicious veh
10-38Stopping suspicious vehicle
10-39Urgent, use light & siren
10-40Silent run, no light & siren
10-41Beginning tour of duty
10-42Ending tour of duty
10-43Information (aksing/supply)
10-46Assist motorist
10-47Emergency road repairs needed
10-48Traffic standard needs repairs
10-49Traffic light out
10-50Accident … F,I,P
10-51Wrecker needed
10-52Ambulance needed
10-53Road blocked
10-54Livestock on highway
10-55Intoxicated driver
10-56Intoxicated pedestrian
10-57Hit & run F, I, P
10-58Direct Traffic
10-59Convoy and/or escort
10-60Squad in vicinity
10-61Personnel in area
10-62Reply to message
10-63Prepare to make written copy
10-64Message for local delivery
10-65Net message assignment
10-66Message cancellation
10-67Clear to read net message
10-68Dispatch information
10-69Message received
10-70Fire alarm
10-71Advise nature of fire
10-72Report progress of fire
10-73Smoke report
10-75In contact with
10-76En route
10-78Need assistance
10-79Notify coroner
10-80Pick up prisoner at …
10-81Pick up papers at …
10-82Reserve lodging
10-83We have prisoner in custody
10-84If meeting … advise ETA
10-85Will be late
10-86Message delivered
10-87Pick up checks for distribution
10-88Advise present tel. # of …
10-89Juvenile trouble
10-90Bank alarm
10-91Unnecessary use of radio
10-92Officer now at home
10-94Drag racing
10-95Surveillance (stake out)
10-96Mental subject
10-98Prison or jail break
10-99Records indicate wanted/stolen

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