10-9 Police Code

10-9 Code in Different Locations / Departments

GenericTen CodesRepeat Message
APCOTen CodesSay Again
AlaskaAlaska State Police CodesRepeat last transmission
CaliforniaHighway Patrol CHP CodesRepeat last transmission
ConnecticutDepartment of Transportation CodesStorm Warning or Weather Report
ConnecticutHartford City CodesStorm Warning or Weather Report
ConnecticutRocky Hill Police CodesAll Units Remain Silent
ConnecticutWaterbury City CodesIn Service - Returning
FloridaPalm Beach County CodesRepeat, Conditions Bad
MichiganBerrin County Ambulance ServicesNo Transport, Police Required At This Scene
MichiganMichigan Other CodesSubject Has A Misdemeanor/Traffic/Bench Warrant
MississippiBiloxi Police CodesRepeat, did not understand
MontanaMontana Highway Patrol Ten CodesRepeat, unable to read message
New HampshireLaconia Police CodesAccident A Fatal B Personal Injury C Property Damage D Hit & Run E Boating F Hunting/Shooting G Animal Struck H Police Unit Inv
New JerseyMonmouth County CodesArrived At Scene of Call
New JerseyMorris County CodesConfidential Information
New YorkNew York State Police CodesRepeat Message / In Service
OhioLucas County Sheriff's CodesReport To Jail - Emerg
VirginiaHampton Police CodesInvestigating Vehicle/Occupant
West VirginiaWheeling Fire Department CodesOff the air (contact at … )
OntarioLethbridge Police CodesLast complaint complete
OntarioNiagara Regional Police CodesRepeat last transmission

Other Ten Codes