Oklahoma Police Radio Codes


Oklahoma State Police Codes

10-1Receiving Poorly
10-2Receiving Well
10-3Stop Transmitting
10-7Out of Service
10-8In Service
10-10Out of Service, Subject Call
10-11Dispatching Too Rapidly
10-12Officials/Visitors Present
10-15Prisoner In Custody
10-16Pick Up Prisoner At
10-17Pick Up Papers At
10-18Complete Current Assignment As Quickly As Possible
10-19Return To Your Station
10-20What Is Your Location?
10-21Call … By Telephone
10-22Disregard Last Information
10-23Stand By
10-24Trouble At Station, Units In Vicinity, Report At On
10-25Do You Have Contact With … ?
10-26Can You Obtain Auto Data Form
10-27Any Answer Our Number
10-28Check Full Registration Info
10-29Check for Wanted
10-30Doesn't Conform To Rules & Regulations
10-31Polygraph Examination
10-32Intoxicated Test (D.W.I)
10-33Emergency Traffic Only
10-35Confidential Information
10-36Correct Time
10-37Idenify Yourself
10-38Station Report Satisfactory
10-39Message Has Been Delivered
10-40Advise If Available for Radio Call
10-41Radio Test
10-42Off At Home
10-43Pick Up Passenger
10-44Transmission Received
10-45Coffee Break
10-46Lunch Break
10-47Call Home
10-49Relief Break
10-50No Traffic
10-51Message Received for Local Delivery
10-52Message for Assignment
10-59Out of Car (checking violation)
10-60What Is Next Message Number?
10-61Stand By for CW Traffic
10-62Unable To Copy Radio … Use Phone
10-63NET Is Directed
10-64NET Clear
10-65Clear for Message Assignment
10-66Clear for Cancellation
10-67Stations … Carry This Message
10-68Repeat Dispatch
10-69Any Calls Holding for Me?
10-70NET Message
10-71Proceed W/ Traffic In Sequence
10-75Drunk Driver
10-76Accident (traffic)
10-77Accident W/Possible Injury
10-78Major Accident … W/Injury
10-79Hit & Run Accident
10-80Tower Lights At … Burned Out
10-81Officer … Will Be At Your Station
10-82Reserve Room for Officer …
10-83Call Station
10-84Advise Telephone Number
10-88Station Call …
10-89Send Radio Repair
10-90Radio Repair To Be At Station
10-91Prepare Your Inspection
10-92Signal Weak
10-93Frequency To Be Check

Midwest City Ambulance Codes

10-1Unable to copy
10-2Signals good
10-7Out of service
10-8In service
10-10Arrived destination
10-14Transporting patient
10-15At station
10-18Complete assignment quickly
10-19Return to station
10-21Call by phone
10-23Patient refusal
10-90Welfare check
10-97Arrived on scene
10-98Completed assignment

Dispatch Signals

7Accident without injury
8Accident with injury
42Meal break
48Child abuse
55Bomb threat

Oklahoma City Police Codes

7DOA or dead body
8Mental patient
9Bomb threat
10-1Receiving signals poorly
10-2Receiving signals well
10-3Stop transmitting
10-4OK, Affirmative
10-5Relay message
10-6Busy, stand-by
10-7Out of service; leaving air
10-8In Service, available
10-9Repeat message
10-10Out of service, subj to call
10-11Talking too fast
10-12Officials or visitors pres
10-13Advise WX/road conditions
10-15Prisoner in custody
10-16Pick up prisoners at …
10-17Pick up papers at …
10-18Complete pres. assign quickly
10-19Return to station
10-21Call by telephone
10-22Take no further action
10-23Officer in trouble at …
10-24Trouble at station
10-25Can you cantact … ?
10-26Motorist assist, at …
10-27Any answer our message?
10-28Vehile registration info
10-29Check for stolen or wanted
10-30Does not conform to rules
10-31Breathalyzer operator needed
10-32Is breathalyzer available?
10-33Emergency traffic
10-34Trouble at this station
10-35Confidential information
10-36Correct time?
10-37Operator on duty?
10-38Ambulance needed at …
10-39Your message delivered
10-40Advise if officer available
10-41Please torn to channel …
10-42Complete driver license rec
10-43Drivers license status check
10-44Check for record/wanted
10-45Taking a coffee break
10-46Meet for vehicle of D.L. chk
10-47Possibly armed & dangerous
10-48NCIC hit, can subj hear radio
10-4910-28 with reg & weight paid
10-50No calls
10-51Pick up partner for roadblock
10-52Set up roadblock at …
10-53Discontinue roadblock
10-54Estimated time of arrival
10-60Traffic Stop - Location …
10-61Clear of traffic stop
10-62Unable to copy; use phone
10-63Network directed to: …
10-64Network clear
10-65Awaiting next assignment
10-67All units comply
10-69Any traffic for this unit?
10-70Stopping vehicle; may be danger
10-71Officer is clear from 10-70
10-72Info incomplete
10-73Info not in proper form
10-77Negative contact
10-80Private vehicle on E.R
10-81Reserve hotel room at …
10-82Reserve room for …
10-83Am I clear for dinner?
10-84Am I clear for meal in car?
10-85Keep vehicle under surveillance
10-86Pick up partner
10-87Aircraft assignment
10-88Advise phone number for call
10-90Officer welfare check
10-91Talk closer to mike
10-93Check my frequency on channel
10-94Please gime me a long count
10-97Arriving at scene
10-98Last assignment completed
10-99Mission completed
10-200Police needed at …
10911 Hang up
11Call spouse at home
12Call spouse at work
30Traffic fatality
31Drowning at …
76Non-injury accident
82Injury accident
83Dept. vehicle in accident
87Drunk pedestrian
88Drunk driver
89Hit & run
93Report to garage for repairs
AdwAssault with deadly weapon
Air onePolice Helicopter
First degreeBurglary while occupied
K-9Police dog unit
Second degreeBurglary not occupied
VpoViolation of protection ordinance

Tulsa & Broken Arrow Police Codes

10-1Receiving poorly
10-2Receiving well
10-7Out of service
10-8In service
10-10Out of service pending call
10-11Dispatch slowly
10-12Can subject hear me?
10-14Convoy or escort
10-15Subject in custody
10-17Pick up papers
10-19Return to Uniform Division
10-21Call by phone
10-24All unit emergency
10-25Do you have contact with …
10-26Obtain vehicle information
10-28Check vehicle registration
10-29Check vehicle for stolen
10-30Against rules & regulations
10-31Polygraph test
10-32Is breathalyzer in service
10-38Report OK
10-41Radio test
10-42Check complete driver's record
10-43Verify DL
10-44Check for warrants
10-46Break for lunch
10-47Call home
10-48Radio signals?
10-50No messages
10-51Message for local delivery
10-52Message for assignment
10-53Misdemeanor warrant
10-54Felony warrant
10-57Minor Haz-Mat spill
10-58Major Haz-Mat spill
10-59Traffic Stop
10-67Carry this message
10-68Repeat dispatch
10-69Any calls holding?
10-70Helo refueling
10-75Intoxicated driver
10-76Accident - no injuries
10-77Accident - minor injuries
10-78Accident - major injuries
10-79Hit & run accident
10-90Officer safety check
10-91Domestic violence
10-93Cancel alarm
10-94Valid false alarm
10-95False alarm
10-97Arrived on scene
10-100Operation "Slick Streets" … (Broken Arrow only)

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