Oregon Police Radio Codes


Oregon State Police Codes

0Officer Needs Help
1Routine Response
2Urgent-Use Flashers Only
3Urgent-Use Siren & Flashers
4No Further Assistance Needed
6Meet …
7Out To Lunch
12-1In Service
12-2Out of Service
12-3Go To Station
12-4Phone …
12-6Contact …
12-7Vehicle Registration Check
12-8Legal Owner of Vehicle
12-10Driver's License Check
12-11Subject Description/License
12-12Unable To Copy
12-13Attention All Units/Stations
12-14Relay To Station
12-15Locate for Emergency Message
12-16Accident … No Injures
12-16aAccident … Fatal
12-16bAccident … No Ambulance Sent
12-17Accident With Injuries
12-18Request Ambulance
12-19Request Tow Truck
12-20Check for Wanted/Stolen
12-21No Wants
12-22Misdemeanor Record … No Want
12-23Felony Record … No Want
12-24aFelony Want
12-24bMisdemeanor Want
12-25Confidential Information
12-26Off Duty
12-27Call By Radio From Office
12-28Suspicious Person/ Circumstances
12-30Reckless Driver
12-31Intoxicated Driver
12-32Intoxicated Person
12-33Emergency Radio Traffic Only
12-34Resume Normal Radio Traffic
12-35Abandoned Vehicle
12-36Fish & Game Violation
12-37Advise Road & Weather Condition
12-38Switch To Channel …
12-39Out of Vehicle W/Portable Radio
12-40Stand By
12-41Go Ahead With Message
12-42No Message
12-44Correct Time
12-45Vehicle Maintenance
12-46Vehicle Maintenance Information
12-47Computer Files Unavailable
12-48Computer Files Available
12-49Paper Service
12-49aPossible Homicide
12-50Request Back-Up
12-51Radio Service Required
12-52Radio Service En Route
12-53Operating On Temporary Power
12-54Test … Advise Reception
12-55Give Test Count
12-56Copy Assignment
12-57Disable Vehicle
12-58Narcotics Activity
12-59Advise Home of Late Arrival
12-62Silent Alarm
12-97Radio Check
12-98Officer Needs Assistance
12-99Officer Needs Help

Clatsop County Sheriff's Twelve Codes

12-1In Service
12-2Out of service
12-3Return to office
12-4Call office by phone
12-5Repeat message
12-6Contact address or complainant
12-7Motor vehicle registration
12-8Motor vehicle reg & owner
12-10Check driver's license
12-11Check description & D.L
12-12Unable to copy, change loc
12-13Prepare to copy message
12-14Relay to station
12-15Locate for emerg. message
12-16Motor vehicle accident
12-16aMotor vehicle accident (fatal)
12-16bMotor vehicle accident (Injury
12-17Motor vehicle accident (Ambul)
12-18Dispatched ambulance
12-19Distatched tow car
12-20Check for wants
12-20aCan subject hear radio
12-21No record or reports
12-22Prior misd. record/not wanted
12-23Felony record / not wanted
12-24Subject wanted - A or B
12-25Similar subject record
12-26Base station out of service
12-27Call by radio on arrival
12-28Suspicious person
12-30Reckless driver
12-31DUI (intoxicated driver)
12-32Intoxicated person
12-33Emergency - clear channel
12-34Resume normal traffic
12-35Abandoned motor vehicle
12-36Illegal hunting
12-37Advise road & weather contitions
12-38Swith Radio freq. (F1-F2-F3-F4)
12-39Attention all stations
12-40Sdandy, busy
12-43Disregard previous traffic
12-46Telephone number of your station
12-47Comuter down
12-48Computer is now up
12-49Death investigation
12-49aPossible homicide
12-50Message not radio traffic, handle by other means
12-51Radio repairs requested
12-52Radio technician enroute
12-53Regular power out on emergency
12-54Testing station voice quality
12-55Equip teswt count 1 to 5
12-56No help imm. available nearest patrol being dispatched
12-57Bomb threat
12-58Found explosive
12-59Explosion reported
12-60Fire reported at …
12-61What is your location
12-62Officer in pursuit
12-64Loud & clear
12-68Correct time
12-71Burglary alarm
12-72Burglary in progress
12-73Robbery in progress
12-99Officer needs assistance


1Routine call, your conven
2Urgent ASAB (non-emergency)
3Emergency (lights & siren)
4No further assistance needed
5Stake out
6Traffic stop
7Out of service (lunch)
8Prisoner (In route to STAP)
11Going off duty
20Pick up officer
99Officer needs assistance all units respond

Portland Police Codes

Administrative/Status Codes

10-0Officer Down
10-11On Duty, Beginning Shift
10-19Return To Office
10-30Danger … Use Caution
10-34Request Correct Time
10-42Change To Radio Frequency …
10-43Call Your Office
10-45Open Garage Door
10-46Confidential Information
10-47Subject/Victim Injury (minor)
10-48Subject/Victim Injury (severe)
10-49Subject/Victim Injury (Fatal)
10-51Can Subject Overhear This?
10-52Subject Wanted (felony)
10-53Subject Wanted (misdemeanor)
10-54Wanted Status Confirmed
10-55Subject Clear, But Use Caution
10-61Prisoner In Custody
10-62Transporting Prisoner
10-63Transporting Citizen
10-64Prisoner Transport Complete
10-71Out of Service (warrant)
10-72Out of Service (detail/assignment from C.O.)
10-73Out of Service (followup) Report To Station
10-74Out of Service (servicing equipment)
10-75Out of Service (stakeout)(code 5)
10-79Out of Service (ending shift)
10-81Conditionally Available(writing reports)
10-82Conditionally Available(coffee break)
10-83Conditionally Available(meal break)
10-84Conditionally Available(checking vehicle/person)
10-85Conditionally Available(inspecting premises)
10-86Conditionally Available(walk & talk)
10-89Conditionally Available (other)

Status Codes

QDispatcher Only ;1 … Cancel, No Police Service Needed;2 … Disregard, Assigned To Car/Agency
RReport Will Be Written;1 … Original … Provide Report Number;2 … Supplement … Provide Report Number
SUnable To Locate;1 … Cannot Locate Person;2 … No Such Address
TPremise Checked;1 … False Alarm;2 … Found Secure;3 … Made Secure
WCall Serviced;1 … Assignment Completed;2 … Person Assisted;3 … Person Advised/Referred;4 … Hazard Corrected/Removed;5 … Deliver Person, Message or Package;6 … Peace Restored;7 … Nuisance Abated;8 … Arrest/Investigated Made By Other Agency/
XSuspicious Activity;1 … Person Checked/OK;2 … Vehicle Checked/OK
YAction Taken;1 … FIR Completed;2 … Warning Given;3 … Citation/Tag Issued
ZWarrant Service;1 … Served;2 … Not Served

Salem Police & Fire Codes

1Non-emergency, may respond to other calls
2Non-emergency, no stops
3Emergency response requested
4Situation under control
5Stay out of areak, Operations in progress
6Emergency locator has been activated
7CHARLIE - Coffee break, lunch break
8Sensitive information (whiskey = warrant, delta = driving)
9Emergency in progress, hold radio traffic

Map of Oregon

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