Maine Police Radio Codes


Maine State Police Codes

10-1Unable to copy, poor receive
10-2Receiving well
10-3Go ahead
10-6Busy - Stand-by unless urgent
10-7Out of service
10-8In service
10-10Out of service - subject to call
10-11Dispatching too rapidly
10-12Stand-by, hold pres. location
10-13Weather & road report
10-15Have subject in vehicle
10-17Meet complainant at …
10-18Complest Assignment ASAP
10-19Return to station
10-20Your location??
10-21Call by phone
10-22Give phone # at your location
10-24Records indicate wanted/stolen
10-25Pedestrian check
10-26Detaining subject, expedite
10-27Driver license information
10-28Registration information
10-29Check for wanted or stolen
10-30Illegal use of radio
10-31Crime in progress (specify)
10-32Person with weapon (specify)
10-33Chase in progress
10-34General broadcast alert
10-35Request bathroom break
10-36Request court time
10-37Dispatcher on duty
10-38Stopping suspicious vehicle
10-39Investigate suspicious vehicle
10-40Permmission to leave patrol area
10-42Dog case
10-43Intoxicated pedestrian
10-46Prisoner in custody
10-47Medical examiner needed
10-48Unattended death
10-49Possible homicide
10-50Cruiser in accident
10-51Debris in road (Specify)
10-52Improperly parked vehicle
10-53Possible OUI
10-54Drag racing
10-55Vehicle Accident (PI, PD)
10-56Wrecker needed
10-57Ambulance needed
10-58Direct traffic
10-59Assist motorist
10-60Lost hunter
10-61Hunting accident
10-62Drowning accident
10-63Night hunting
10-64Dog/deer complaint
10-65Boating accident
10-66Snowmobile accident
10-68Patrol/house check
10-69Service of paperwork
10-70Civil disturbance
10-71Bomb threat
10-72Fire alarm
10-73Trouble at station
10-74Officer needs help ASAP
10-75Emergency air clearance (Radio Silent)
10-76Jail/prison break
10-77Road block (location)
10-78Bank alarm
10-79Plane crash
10-80House/business alarm
10-83Traffic violation
10-85Will be late
10-89Too much air time
10-90Unable to give over air (10-21)
10-91Call your residence ASAP
10-92Off for the night (location)
10-93Out of town
10-94Trouble at (location)
10-95Off for meal (location)
10-96Chief needed at scene
10-97Parking ticket complaint
10-98Rider in cruiser
10-99NCIC III request

Map of Maine

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