Montana Police Radio Codes


Montana Highway Patrol Ten Codes

10-1Receiving poorly
10-2Receiving well
10-3Stop transmitting
10-7Out of service (during shift)
10-8In service
10-9Repeat, unable to read message
10-10Out of service (off shift)
10-11Dispatching too rapidly
10-12Officials/visitors present
10-13Advise road/weather conditions
10-14Convoy or escort
10-15We have prisoner in custody
10-16Procure prisoner at …
10-17Procure papers at …
10-18Complete present assignment as quickly as possible
10-19Return to station
10-20What is your location?
10-21Call this station by telephone
10-22Take no further action
10-24Trouble at station; unwelcome visitors; all units this vicinity report at once
10-25Do you have contact with …
10-26Can you obtain auto data from …
10-27Any answer our number …
10-28Check registration info. (license, motor, owner, etc.)
10-29Check for wanted
10-30Does not conform to rules &
10-31Check drivers license info
10-32Emergency; keep air clear
10-33Emergency traffic at station
10-34Clear for local dispatch?
10-35Confidential information
10-36Correct time?
10-37Operator on duty?
10-38Station report satisfactory
10-39Your … delivered to address
10-40Advise if officer … is available for radio call
10-41Advise if party is police
10-42Officer … now at home
10-43Officer … now available
10-55Auto accident; wrecker disp
10-56Auto accident; personal injury dispatch ambulance/wrecker
10-57Auto accident; ambulance/ wrecker dispatch
10-58Auto accident; fatal, dispatch coroner/ambulance/wrecker
10-59Is wrecker on the way?
10-60Is ambulance on the way?
10-62Reckless driving
10-63Prepare to copy
10-64Local message
10-65Clear for message assignment
10-66Cancel message
10-67Stations … carry this msg
10-68Repeat dispatch
10-69Message received
10-70Fire alarm
10-71Advise nature of alarm
10-72Report progress of alarm
10-73Smoke report
10-75In contact with …
10-76En route to …
10-77Estimated time of arrival
10-78Request assistance
10-79Notify coroner
10-80Breathalyzer report
10-81Officer … will arrive at your station
10-82Reserve froom (with/without) bath at … for …
10-83Have officer … call his sergeant
10-84Have officer … call his captain
10-85Officer number … left this station for …
10-86Operator on duty
10-87Pick up
10-88Advise telephone number
10-89Request radio serviceman at this station or unit
10-90Radioman will be there at …
10-91Pick up subject
10-92Illegally parked vehicle
10-94Drag racing
10-95Subject in custody
10-96Detain subject
10-97Arrived at scene
10-98Finished last assignment
10-99Officer needs help
10-100Police needed
10-105Deceased person
10-106Suspicious person
10-107Check residence

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